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How To Get Your Bond Back. 


Here’s a short checklist of what you need to do before the end-of your rental agreement so that everything runs smoothly and get 100% back. Make sure not forget about Consumer Affairs Victoria renters guide!

If you receive your refund at the end of a rental agreement, then that should be four weeks worth. If it’s not enough there might have been an issue with how property was handed over so your first step would be to contact, or speak with someone from our Property Management team about what happened and see if we can help resolve this further.

Before you can get a bond refund, it is important that the information in your account with be up-to date and correct. It is important to have the correct information in order for a bond refund. Speak with your property manager if you want more details on how this works, or contact one of us during our emergency response times when repairs are needed!

Firstly, start with the condition report.

Before moving into any rental property, the condition report should have been submitted and inspected. This will provide assurance that you are aware of all current conditions so there’s no surprises when it comes time to file a bond claim. So before handing your keys back, cross check your condition report to make sure they match!

Leave By The Right Date & Return All Your Keys.

Tenants should plan ahead and know what to do in case they’re facing an unexpected situation. This way, you can avoid incurring extra charges for things like unpaid rent due to moving out on the wrong date or not returning all funnythe keys.

Hire A Professional.

When you’re planning to move out, it is important that all appliances and fixtures are taken care of. You might need professional help cleaning them but first ensure they work properly by going around your home with an inventory list making note any potential repairs needed before leaving for good!

For a quality cleaner speak with yout property manager nearest so he or she may call one or more companies in his area who could provide cleaners at competitive rates – this will save time later on down the line when we start looking back over our records from today onwards…

Understand how the bond refund process works. 

One of the best things you can do to get your bond back is by understanding how this whole process works, calling RTBA and asking for information on their website.

Another good options would be speaking with your property manager about what they think might have happened in order for me ask these questions like how long does it normally take to organise a bond refund? When will you conduct the final inspection?