Leasing & Management Fees


$550 + GST


Fixed at $119 + GST

Additional inclusions

  • Rental appraisals that keep up with market conditions
  • Marketing and advertising advice
  • Advice on how to make your property more attractive to prospective tenants
  • ‘For lease’ boards and website advertising
  • Marketing your property to the real-estate agent data base
  • Regular updates on tenant interest
  • Walk through property inspections with prospective tenants
  • Screening tenant applications, including cross checks with the tenant database
  • Providing options and recommendations for best suited tenants
  • Documenting the state of your property at the start of a lease
  • Sketches of smoke alarm locations and damage


  • Collection and oversight of rental payments
  • Lodgement of bonds and bond claims with the RTBA
  • Frequent visual property inspections and preparation of reports
  • Managing light renovations above or below $5000 in value
  • Prepare and serve all breaches of the Residential Tenancies Act and lease agreement including rental arrears, property damage and deliberate destruction
  • Representation at VCAT hearings and preparation of relevant documents
  • Organisation of tradespeople and maintenance
  • Provide direction on current rental trends and best course of action
  • Conduct reviews and adjustments of rental payments and fees
  • Arrange inspections and interviews with prospective tenants
  • End of lease inspection including a condition report

Not included: Payment of property fees (i.e. insurance, rates, water and gas, body corporate fees) Additional annual fee of $250 per annum.

No extra charge upon request

  • Arrange regular inspection of:
    • plumbing fixtures
    • gas appliances
    • electrical fittings
    • smoke alarms (and replacements if necessary)
    • swimming pool safety barriers

Industry-leading fee structure

As investors ourselves, we know what it is like to have rental properties. Coupled with years of residential property market experience, we know what landlords expect from their property managers.

Our fees are fixed, transparent and are not calculated on percentages.

Our fee to service ratio is unmatched in the real estate market and you can rest assured that you are receiving premium property management at an affordable price.

Managing maintenance and repairs

Landlords are consulted for all non-urgent repairs, and we will provide you with an estimation of the cost. Repairs will only occur when you give us the green light.

Keep your credit card in your pocket – we’ll take the cost out of your monthly rental income.

We have relationships with licensed and insured tradesmen who have lots of experience in maintaining rental properties.

Best of all, no extra charge is incurred for managing repairs – that’s what we call transparency!

Our fee to service ratio is unmatched in the real estate market and you can rest assured that you are receiving premium property management at an affordable price.

Advertising – it’s on the house

Our experienced real-estate photographer will give your property the ‘I can’t believe that’s my house!’ look. We use advertising data to determine which rooms and from what angle attract the most amount of attention.

Our go to photographers are Highlyte, one of Melbourne’s most well know and professional real-estate photography firms.

Your property is guaranteed to land among the top rental listings on because we pay for ‘premiere’ advertising. We can also provide weekly feedback and advertising analytics.

Download an example of a weekly advertising report

Further information on premiere advertising

Step into your property with the magic of virtual reality! This is the most comprehensive way we can show you your property from the comfort of your own home.

Alongside marketing analytics, we gauge the interest in your property by chatting to people who attend weekly inspections. We use the feedback to upgrade and optimise your property listing. Most importantly, this allows us to meet prospective tenants and get a feel for the kind of person who wants to live in your property.

Settlement coming up? Let us help you with the final inspection and get a head start on the leasing process. Click here for more information.

How our competitors sneak hidden costs past you

Fine print – who reads it? Unfortunately, the real-estate industry is full of fees and conditions hidden deep within multi-page contracts – the perfect opportunity to slip a few fees under your nose.

We pride ourselves with being completely transparent by charging a no-frills, flat monthly fee. We will happily sit down with you and work through any particulars if you like – coffee is on us!

Some examples of sneaky hidden charges:

  • Extra charge for monthly and EOFY statements
  • Additional cost for condition and inspection reports
  • Extra fees for insurance claim management (as if you’re not paying enough already)
  • Fees for managing your renovation
  • Court and VCAT fees (we only pass on the required fees with no additional markup).

Being a landlord doesn’t have to be stressful

A property manager should provide their landlord with the confidence that their investment is in good hands.

We hear about rental property disasters every day, most of which could have been avoided with the knowledge and experience of a seasoned property manager.