Guide for Tenants

Tenancy agreements should be easy to understand with no hidden conditions. Whether it’s your first time renting or not, here is a simple guide to ensuring a smooth tenancy.

Office hours

Our office is staffed from 9.00am – 5.30pm, Monday to Friday. Your dedicated property manager will be available during these times via email or phone.

If there is an emergency at the property outside of business hours, you will be provided with an emergency phone number to get in touch with our maintenance team who will help you fix the problem.


The bond is payable before the beginning of your lease and is usually the sum of one months rent. We keep this for the duration of your tenancy to repair any damage which does not fall under wear and tear. You will receive this money back at the end of your tenancy provided you hand back the property in the same condition you received it.

You will be required to sign a condition report which signifies your acknowledgement of the state of the property before you move in. You can add any defects or existing damage that we miss to this report so that you are not liable for any damage sustained to the property before you were there.

When you leave the property, we will inspect it and compare it to the state of the property when you first moved in. If we find the property to be in the same condition that it was at the start of your lease, and you have no outstanding rent overdue, we will return the bond to you in full.

Payment of rent

You are required to pay the coming month’s rent in advance which can be done through B-Pay or direct bank transfer. Alternatively, we can automatically deduct rent from your account which removes the stress of remembering when your rent is due. Most tenants chose this option.


When your lease starts, we will give everything necessary to access the property (key, key card, garage fob etc). We will hold a spare key in case of an emergency, or to access the property with your consent, for the purpose of an inspection. If you lose a key, you will be required to replace it.

You can only change the locks after seeking permission from your property manager and/or the landlord. You will have to provide a spare key to us within 24 hours.


We will inspect the condition of the property 3 months after the beginning of your tenancy, and every 6 months after that. You will be provided with plenty of notice before each inspection. You are welcome to be present at the inspection, but we can also conduct it if you are away.

Utilities and water rates

It is your responsibility to organise the power and gas to be provided to the property. The account will be under your own name.

We will organise the switch over of water into your name and will forward you the usage charge to be paid. The landlord will pay for the service charge.


We strongly recommend to insure your possessions against fire, theft and damage. The landlord is not liable for anything that happens to your things while you live at their property. Their landlord insurance does not protect your belongings.

Repairs and maintenance

If something breaks or you need maintenance completed at the property, please fill out the relevant form on the Online Manager service (details of how to access these forms will be provided to you by your property manager). All repairs need to be authorised by the landlord and several quotes need to be sourced before works can commence. Filling out the form as soon as possible will help us have the issue fixed quickly.
We will organise a time that suits you for the tradesperson to conduct the repairs. If you are not present at the property at the agreed upon time, any penalty fees charged by the tradesperson will be payable by you.

Details on what to do in an emergency will be included in your tenancy pack.

Online manager

Online manger is a service tool which is designed to provide you with a platform to access information about your rental home such as the progress of repairs, upcoming inspections and rental statements.

It is secure and only accessible with your personal verification code. Instructions on how to access Online Manager will be provided to you at the start of your tenancy.

Responsibilities for maintenance

You are required to maintain the gardens and general surrounds of the property. This includes keeping it clear of rubbish and keeping the lawn neat and tidy.

End of lease

You will sign a Residential Tenancy Agreement at the start of your tenancy. This is a legally binding contract. It is required by law to protect yourself and the landlord.

If you wish to end your tenancy, you must provide the following notice:

  • At the end of your fixed term lease – you must provide 28 days written notice to your property manager
  • If you continue to live in the property on a month-by-month basis, you must also provide 28 days-notice.

If for any reason you need to end the lease early, you will need to pay rent and any leasing and advertisement fees until a replacement tenant is found.

Refunding your bond

To get your bond back, you must return the property to the state in which you received it, as documented by the condition report.

  • Damages: If you damaged the property in any way, you must organise and pay for its repair. We can put you in touch with reliable tradespeople. If any damage is not repaired and you refuse to pay for it, an application will be made to the Tenancy Tribunal to use your bond to repair the damage. If the cost of the repairs exceeds your bond, the tribunal will likely require you to cover the difference.
  • Cleaning: Carpets need to be steam cleaned (with proof of receipt) and all surfaces, doors, and windows need to be cleaned to an acceptable standard. Bathrooms and kitchens need to be returned to the state in which they were received.
  • Overdue rent: Your bond will not be returned if you have outstanding rent owing.
  • Inspection: Once you return the keys, your property manager will inspect the property and determine whether it is clean and free of damage. If everything is in order, your property manager will apply for your bond to be refunded.